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    Post by 1x2 Insider on 28th October 2009, 00:56

    Here are some rules that do not belong anywhere, and must do:

    1.) Each of the members shall write a contact, MSN, Skype or something similar (not required)

    2.) When you register, it would be desirable to write something about yourself, you do not need to be anything special, but at least some detail, from where are coming, how to deal with gambling, etc.

    3.) At its responsibility with the types of paid forum, if for no transition type you insulted user who has set the type you will be penalized.

    4.) Before opening the topic, see if the issue for that day is already open, as it happened to be two topics open for one day.

    5.) Each user on the forum is free of post 2 months will also be deleted (or will be limited opportunities). Please try to be as active as possible because it will be every two months, delete or change possibilities inactive user)

    6) Observe the Caps lock, because when writing in capital letters means that you bawl to a member

    7.) Once you register, you'll see the entire contents of the forum.

    Here are some rules, if something of this do not fill in or make a mistake you will make nothing, but if you frequently repeated the same mistakes, then we have to react.

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