Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

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    Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

    Post by 1x2 Insider on 1st September 2010, 16:07

    Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

    For those who are not familiar with Pinnacle sportsbook, it’s about time
    for you to know what it is. It operates on the lowest bookmaking
    margins in the business. This simply means that they have the best
    possible pricing for bettors. People who know and understand how
    important the smallest edge is to successful sports investing understand
    that they can not afford to pass on Pinnacle. This sportsbook has
    become to some extent as a high-volume, high-value sports betting

    Pinnacle Sports is located in Curacao and Netherlands Antilles came
    online in 1998. This was the time where most bookmakers were battling
    for business using bonuses as their main weapon. This site’s
    quick-moving low juice lines educated players on the value of line
    shopping. It didn’t take long for Pinnacle to begin taking business from
    the competition.

    The increasing number of customer base allowed Pinnacle more flexibility
    to safely book reduced juice at. This eventually became the industry’s
    highest wagering limits. The website’s no-nonsense approach in
    bookmaking closely resembled a stock trading website than the
    traditional online sportsbook. They allowed the highest concentration of
    sharp players to shape its line. This move shaped the rest of the
    sports betting market. Today, it is very impossible to find an online
    bookmaker. It is also hard to find a Las Vegas sportsbook that doesn’t
    pay attention to Pinnacle’s numbers. Their lines were so sharp that it
    made them become the first online sportsbook to move odds by pennies.
    The odds changes equating to a fraction of what it would take to move
    the spread a half point. As a matter of fact, Pinnacle was able to
    reduce its margin even further on NFL spreads. They have cut the cost
    from 105 to 104 style pricing.

    The website and betting screens are as sophisticated as its bookmaking
    style. Most books use the ASI software platform but Pinnacle is almost
    unrecognizable due to in-house enhancements. They have included in their
    modifications a propriety spread drop down option. This allows bettors
    to buy and sell points and also an account history option that is
    matched by the best online banking websites.


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